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2:48am 02-03-2010
Nice job boys !
Thanks for all and greetings from cold EU.Here -10 C . You are happy team..Enjoy sunny days in 6W. 73 GL de E77O
1:00am 02-01-2010
Hi Ronald,
tnx fer qso at 1st try on 40m cw (23.47z) even if I'm running only 100W (ic-7600) and vertical antenna. It's a new-1 on this band ! I'll be looking for you again trhrough the other bands, next days. GL es GUD DX.
Ciao !
5:16pm 01-31-2010
Dear Ronald and Dennis,
Pleas correct my call on 7 Mhz CW QSO on 29 Jan 2010 at 18.30 GMT with 6W/PA3EWP - it is LZ2HN, not RZ2HN. Sorry, my rig is only 100 watts - Ic-7000 and very strong QRM!
Best 73 and many DX!
4:10pm 01-30-2010
Hi Ronald, I am listerning for a time on 17 meter ssb. You will not believe how many stations do NOT know what split operation is. Fine copy & Gd DX.
10:30pm 01-25-2010
Welcome.... pse feel free to ad your message
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