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6:49pm 06-10-2013
Hello, I worked the 6w-activation in 2010, but there ist a mistake in my log. Tom/gm4fdm told me, that I had possible the qso with 6w/pa3ewp. (01.Feb.2010, 110:14 utc, 17m). Please can you check the log and inform me?
vy73, Bernd/DL6MKA
10:43pm 08-01-2010
Ole Jorgensen
I worked you on 40M SSB and CW also worked you on 80M CW have sent QSL as per your instructions and to date have heard nothing. You are a new one for me on 80 m sure would appreciate your QSL card. I thank you in advance.73, Ole WA5IPS
9:38am 05-18-2010
I just got into chasing DX while you all were in Senegal so was excited that I made it through the pileup. Anyway thanks for the contact and am looking forward to receiving the QSL confirmations for 6W/PA3EWP. I am thinking that maybe I sent it direct rather than through the QSL manager. If that is the case I will resubmit for the confirmations. 73 and all the best to eveyone.
Tom, NK5Z
7:35pm 02-24-2010
Darrell Penrod
Thanks for the new one on top band. Good Luck and 73

Darrell K9MUG
7:31pm 02-17-2010
David F4FDA
Tks Tom , Ron lots a new slot cw+rtty for me + lotw for rtty & 30m

will be nice to get lotw credits for 80 m for my with Ron

always a pleasure to meet you on air
8:57pm 02-14-2010
Tnx for a new one on 80 cw. Excellent!

73 es dx
12:27am 02-13-2010
Paul vk2hv
Thank you for listening for VK/ZL.your signal was great.This was new for me on 40mx

73 and tnx..Paul VK2HV
7:16pm 02-09-2010
Tom Matthews
I was really excited to make contact on 20 from my mobile rig here in Houston, TX back on the 2nd. (14.204 / 5/9)

73 & all the Best - Tom K5SAF
5:32pm 02-09-2010
Hallo Ronald and Tom,

nice to meet u on the bands in SSB and RTTY.
I hope you have had a nice time both and I wish you a good trip back home.
Tnx fer the qso's hpe to see u agn soon.

73 & gd dx de Dirk PA3DHR
11:58pm 02-08-2010
Con - DM5AA
Just I had a QSO with Ronald 3517/CW.
Nice operation and good signal here - really 579.
Thanks & 73!
9:31pm 02-07-2010
Gerard - PD2GCM
Hallo Tom,

Thanks for our QSO today (07-Feb-2010) on 14.240 Mhz at 09:00 UTC.
It was a pleasure to work with you. Nice signal 5/9++ in the West Part
of The Netherlands.
Please pass my greetings to Ronald I met him last year in Apeldoorn.

73 & gd dx - PD2GCM - Gerard
4:27am 02-07-2010
George - NE2U
Thanks for tonites QSO. Vy strong sigs on 40 into NJ.
12:30am 02-07-2010
Dave - NE5EE
Thanks for the great operation, with my screwdriver you got me after only a couple of calls. You had a great signal into San Francisco. 73 & gd dx
12:07am 02-07-2010
Jim - K6JM
Ron, Nice signal, great operating. I was using my 50 year-old station for our QSO -- 75A-4, CE 100V and CE 600L running 450 watts. Thanks for the QSO with my boatanchors! 73 - Jim
12:07am 02-07-2010
Your signal sounded great into Kansas today. Thanks for the QSO Ron. You were my first DX with a new Icom IC-703 (10 watts) and a 30 meter delta loop that I hung in the trees TODAY with 5 inches of snow on the ground. Sounds like a success. Thanks and 73!
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